Junior Geografistas

As a part of the forthcoming Conference, the Hellenic Geographical Society invites Junior Geografistas (young researchers) of various disciplines related to geography to submit abstracts of their own research work, enriching in this way the scientific discussion.

Why a special young researchers’ session? Motivation behind the idea

Identification, promotion and support of "the next generation of geographers" undoubtedly ensure the further development of the HGS as well as the research continuity of the broad scientific field of geography in general.

Objectives and goals of the young researchers’ session

Through this special session the young researchers will gain the opportunity to:

  • Get to know each other and to gradually create a useful scientific network among them.
  • Present their research work and to receive constructive criticism and feedback from their peers and experienced researchers.

Young researchers’ abstracts

As young researchers abstracts the organizing committee refers to those abstracts that cumulatively meet the following criteria:

  • Include the findings/results/parts of research work of graduate or master degree students (diploma, graduate or master degree theses), or PhD students within the framework of their thesis.
  • The graduate, master degree or PhD student is the first author.
  • The graduate, master degree or PhD student is younger than 35 years at the date of the paper abstract submission.

Way of presenting your work

For each young researcher’s paper a presentation of 15 minutes will be organized with parallel poster presentation. Furthermore, these presentations will be divided into different categories according to their topic.

Awards and future publications

Out of the total submitted young researchers’ papers, the Hellenic Geographic Society will award the three best papers of (a) graduate or master degree students and (b) PhD students (three awards per category (a) and (b)), with a prize award of three HGS annual fees respectively. The awarded papers will be presented during the Closing Session of the 12th HGSC…

Moreover, a number of 20-30 particularly significant and innovative papers will be published in a special edition of a scientific journal, contributing to further recognition of the young researcher’s work.