Geography matters! Using Web-GIS and Geographical Analysis methods and techniques to reveal the spatiotemporal patters of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak

A web-based platform developed by the GeoCHOROS Geospatial Analysis and Research Group at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece to provide a toolkit as well as a working and research space for the spatiotemporal analysis and geovisualization of Coronavirus COVID-19 related world data.

To this end, visitors are able to visualize analytics and display them directly on thematic or choropleth maps, charts and graphs, in order to identify patterns by interactively changing what data is displayed and how it is processed. Data source: John Hopkins University GitHub Database Collaborators This project is being supervised by Professor Yorgos N. Photis, developed by George Panagiotopoulos, PhD Candidate NTUA and all platform data are processed by Alkistis Dalkavouki, PhD Candidate NTUA.