Conference Workshop(s) - Friday, November 1st

All conference workshops take place on Friday November 1stand Monday, November 4th and need to be booked separately at the Conference Secretary. During the first day of the Conference delegates have  the opportunity to participate in the following workshops and tutorials on two of the most cutting-edge topics of Geography:

1st W orkshop 11:30 – 13:30 - GeoSystemsHellas - Mr Christos KONTOPOULOS

  • Copernicus Open Access Hub

Access, Terms of Use and Data Download

  • Introduction on Erdas Imagine SW

Overview of key features and capabilities

  • Introduction on Erdas Photogrammetry for urban areas monitoring using LiDAR data

3D coloring and classification capabilities

  • Spatial Modeling Operators

Creation, editing and data processing through spatial Models

  • Change Detection Techniques for Environmental monitoring

Extraction of Burnt areas after wildfire events

  • Crop and Land Cover classification using Machine Learning

Classification mapping through ERDAS IMAGINE spatial modeling operators, CAP facilitation with new methodologies

C o f f e e   B r e a k   13:30 – 13:45

2nd Workshop 13:45 – 14:45 - Modeling the world with a camera - GEOSENSEMr Vassilios POLYCHRONOS – GeoSense CTO

  • Modern UAV Photogrammetry

UAVs & Cameras Overview, Workflows

  • Modern Terrestrial Photogrammetry

What camera to use & best Practices

  • Deliverables

Use cases

  • Pix4D software overview & live demo

Assessing accuracy & consistency